General Surgery Center

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General Surgery Center

      Today Chularat 3 International Hospital is considered to be one So of Thailand leading private hospital that works in diagnosis as and treating a wide variety of surgical diseases with our highly pre quailed surgical team bringing rich and varied experiences to the department. We are one of the leaders in Thailand to ma use Innovative equipment and cutting edge technology to do minimal invasive method which so far has replaced many mil conventional surgeries.

       Sophisticated system of navigation and Intra operative image  assist surgeons to navigate the surgical site to the utmost highly precision with endovascular and micro surgical instruments along with perfect optical system Intra operative microscope to manipulate very carefully and delicately with little risk of to do damaging critical structures of the nearby tissue resulted in many minimal post operative complications shorter recovery period patient return to normal daily routine far sooner.

Diagnostic and Treatment Services

  •    - The International Pancreatic Cancer Center
  •    - The International Center for surgery of Metastastic Tumors
  •    - Center for Liver Surgery (liver cancer, liver metastases)
  •    - Stomach surgery
  •    - Gastric cancer surgery
  •    - Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs)
  •    - Gallbladder and bile duct surgery
  •    - Peptic ulcers treatment
  •    - "Fast-track" method of colon surgery
  •    - Minimally invasive colorectal surgery
  •    - Hernia surgery
  •    - Thyroid surgery
  •    - Pediatric surgery
  •    -Wound management
  •   - Second-opinion services

     Second opinions are another important service offered by the department. Patients can send their medical records to the 5. Lux International Medical Services (IMS), receive a paid consultation on the best therapeutic options from one of our doctor and  decide whether or not to be treated in Chularat hospital.


  1. Leading experts and experienced team providing outstanding minimal invasive surgery treatment and dedicated service with minimal post operative complications.
  2. Sophisticated Operating Theaters well equipped with cutting edge technology and devices
  3. JCI Quality Standards
  4. Laboratory, Imaging Center blood bank, and Intensive care unit
  5. Luxurious room dedicated case manager is appointed to wash patient will assist the patient with all necessary r and requirements pre and post surgery

Medical Specialist

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